Senior Leadership

Doug Roberts, Ph.D.

President and CEO 

G. Trevor Powers

Chief Operating Officer 

Joseph A. Quinones

Senior Vice President, External Affairs 

Todd L. Schafer

Senior Vice President, Administration 

Animal Husbandry & Conservation

Steven Bailey

Vice President, Biological Programs 

Skip Uricchio

Sr. Director, Husbandry Operations & Living Exhibitions  

Photo of Dr. Kristen Dubé DVM, Veterinarian at Frost Science

Kristen M. Dubé, DVM


Shannon Jones, Curator of Ecology & Environmental Restoration at Frost Science

Shannon Jones

Curator, Ecology & Environmental Restoration 

Lad Akins

Curator, Marine Conservation, & Boat Captain 

Education & Exhibitions

Photo of Helen McGuire, Vice President, Exhibit Design & Development.

Helen McGuire

Vice President, Exhibit Design & Development 

Photo of Cary Woodruff, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at Frost Science

Cary Woodruff, Ph.D.

Curator, Vertebrate Paleontology 

Photo of Alec J. Warren, Knight Director of Science Education.

Alec J. Warren

Director, Frost Planetarium 

Analisa Duran

Knight Director of Science Education 

Finance & Sales

Photo of Ross Chuchla, Director of Finance at Frost Science.

Ross Chuchla

Vice President, Finance 

Photo of Christine Siddiq Director, Sales

Christine Siddiq

Director, Sales 

Guest Experience

Photograph of Shaleen Godfrey, Director of Guest Experience at Frost Science.

Shaleen Godfrey

Vice President, Guest and Security Operations 

Sabina Barnett

Director, Guest Experience 

Human Resources

Photo of Jenayra Rodriguez, Senior Director, People & Culture.

Jenayra Rodriguez

Senior Director, People & Culture 

External Affairs

Elizabeth Ricardo Binding, Director of Marketing & PR

Elizabeth Ricardo Binding

Senior Director, Marketing & PR 

Photograph of Jessica Casinelli, Director of Membership at Frost Science.

Jessica Casinelli

Senior Director, Membership 

Photo of Dr. Cassie Freund, Director of Science Communication.

Cassie Freund, Ph.D.

Director, Science Communication 

Magda Meza, Retail General Manager at Frost Science

Magda Meza

Retail General Manager 

Caroline Castro

Creative Director 

Edie Pearson

Director, Advancement & Corporate Partnerships 

Jordan V. Budnik

Director, Grant Development 

Technology & Facilities

Brooks Weisblat

Vice President, Technology 

Angel Rosales

Senior Director, Facility Management