Photo of Frank Steslow

Frank Steslow


Photo of Neil Kurlander

Neil Kurlander

Senior Vice President, Administration and General Counsel


Photo of G. Trevor Powers

G. Trevor Powers

Senior Vice President, Engineering and Facilities 

Photo of Ron Nuce

Ron Nuce

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Guest Experience 

Photo of Andy Dehart

Andy Dehart

Vice President, Animal Husbandry 

Photo of Jennifer Santer

Jennifer Santer

Vice President, Foundation and Community Relations


Photo of Brooks Weisblat

Brooks Weisblat

Vice President, Technology

Photo of Xavier Cortesano

Xavier Cortesano

Vice President, Exhibition Project Management and Design

Photo of Amy Gillette

Amy Gillette

Vice President, Finance 

Dr. Leah Melber Knight Vice President of Education at Frost Science

Dr. Leah Melber

Knight Vice President, Education 



Photo of Cheryl Lani Juárez

Cheryl Lani Juárez

Senior Director, Professional Development


Photo of Janet Schoenfeld

Janet Schoenfeld

Early Childhood Project Coordinator 

Photo of Mauricia A. Vasquez

Mauricia A. Vasquez

College Advisor, Upward Bound Math and Science Program 

Photo of Lindsay Bartholomew

Lindsay Bartholomew

Director of Technology and Youth Development 

Photo of Daniel Mannina

Daniel Mannina

Community Engagement Manager 



Photo of Fernando Bretos

Fernando Bretos

Curator of Ecology and Director of MUVE


Photo of James Herring

James Herring

Exhibition Designer 

Photo of Alexandra Kuechenberg

Alexandra Kuechenberg

Creative Director 

Photo of Andrea Hart

Andrea Hart

Exhibit Designer 

Photo of Dr. Angela Colbert

Dr. Angela Colbert

Director of Science Communication 

Photo of Daniella Orihuela

Daniella Orihuela

Exhibition and Program Developer 

Photo of Dr. Jorge Perez-Gallego

Dr. Jorge Perez-Gallego

Curator of Astronomy and Exhibition Developer 

Photo of Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow

Art and Collection Manager 


Animal Husbandry

Photo of Donald

Donald “Skip” Uricchio

Director of Animal Husbandry


Photo of Gregg McIntyre

Gregg McIntyre

Curator of Aquatic Life


Photo of Capt. Pat Kelly, DMT

Capt. Pat Kelly, DMT

Dive Safety Officer 

Photo of Hailey Moller

Hailey Moller

Raptor Rehabilitation Manager 

Photo of Zach Ransom

Zach Ransom

Senior Aquarist 

Photo of Dane Tullock

Dane Tullock

Senior Aquarist 

Photo of Samantha Arner

Samantha Arner

Avian Biologist


Photo of Marcus Franco De Andrade

Marcus Franco De Andrade


Photo of Larissa Perez

Larissa Perez