Whether it be by getting your hands dirty planting mangrove trees, mingling with like-minded young professionals supporting Frost Science, or by volunteering at the museum facility, you can be a meaningful part of our mission to connect people with science and better understand the world we live in.

2 women look at jellyfish aquarium

Private: Young Patrons

The builders, the connectors, the early adopters—Frost Science Young Patrons are the inaugural generation of young professionals at the museum.

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Volunteers plant mangrove propagules in ankle-deep water.

Museum Volunteers for the Environment

Museum Volunteers for the Environment, or MUVE, is the Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum's volunteer-led coastal habitat restoration and monitoring project.

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Volunteering can be a way to learn something new, bond with friends and family, build your resume or better the world we live in.

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Someone collecting beach pollution

Citizen Science

You can play an integral part in making science happen through citizen science, a key component of Frost Science's commitment to accessibility and inclusion for all.

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