kids with net in the water

We know many students rely on MUVE to meet service hour requirements for school. We hope to see you and your service letters at our next event! Want to get #muving at home? In lieu of large volunteer events, we invite you to participate in citizen science safely around your neighborhood, in parks, or at the beach. You can earn up to 10 hours per month by participating in the following citizen science initiatives:  

iNaturalist – Nature and wildlife are all around us, even in our cities! As citizen scientists using iNaturalist, you can document nature and contribute to biodiversity science. You’ll need a smart phone or access to the internet and the ability to take and upload photos. 

How to receive hours for MUVE? Create a free account with iNaturalist. Get outside and photograph plants, wildlife, or evidence of wildlife. Upload these photos either to the iNaturalist app or to E-mail  your username so we can confirm you have uploaded observations. Please include your full name in the subject line. For every 10 valid observations you will receive an hour of community service, maximum 5 hours per month. 

CleanSwell – Submit data to the Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database, which provides researchers and policymakers a snapshot of pollution problems and the data to help develop solutions. You can track your positive impact through the CleanSwell app on any smartphone. 

How to receive hours for MUVE? You’ll need a smart phone with the free CleanSwell application downloaded. Venture to a beach, park or neighborhood where it is safe to do a cleanup. Open your CleanSwell app and click “start collecting.” Record all of the debris you pick up directly in the app. When you are finished, dispose of the trash properly and click “done collecting.” Take a screen shot of the “Review Your Cleanup” screen. Make sure to include the duration of cleanup, total pounds collected and the date of the cleanup in the screenshot. E-mail this image to  and include your full name in the subject line. Click “Submit Your Data.” You can receive a maximum of 5 hours per month.