Miami is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful and fascinating natural environments. Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and mangrove habitats all help define what makes our community great. But these environments are also at risk. This scenario, where the human-made world meets the natural world, makes for a powerful learning tool for Miami-Dade County youth. MUVE supports an array of education projects that take students outside, lets them experience nature and make a difference. These programs not only enliven crucial science learning and awareness, they also benefit Miami’s environmental health.

A group of students plants native hammock trees in a recently cleared area.

Youth Development Projects

MUVE is committed to teaching and empowering the youth of Miami-Dade County to engage in their communities and be proactive about their futures.

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MUVE on the Move

Interested in bringing a MUVE representative to your next outreach event, festival or career day? MUVE is dedicated to science learning by teaching the importance of Miami’s unique ecosystems.

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