MUVE is a volunteer-based habitat restoration project that uses social media, eco-art, and science exhibits to engage local residents in restoring coastal environments that once thrived in Miami. Since 2007, over 7500 volunteers have restored more than 25 acres of mangroves, freshwater wetlands, dune habitat and coastal forest. These environments provide shelter for native organisms above and below the water line, stabilize our shores, protect our city from storms and sea level rise, and serve as a nursery for a food chain of marine life, including fish crucial to the commercial and sport fishing industries.

In order to ensure a healthy environment, South Florida residents first learn about the environmental stresses we face, then get their hands dirty with their peers and make a difference. Volunteers leave behind a living legacy of native habitats that they can visit and enjoy in perpetuity. We invite you to join our efforts to bring back these habitats and the economic and ecological value they provide.

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Four young students proudly show the mangrove propagules they are growing in plastic cups.

Project History

MUVE got its start in 2006 as an eco-art initiative by local artist Xavier Cortada in which volunteers collected red mangrove propagules and sustained them in retail stores and schools.

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Young sea oats line a dune.

Conservation Science

Coastal habitats are critically important to South Florida, offering us both ecological and economic benefits.

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Students listen as a MUVE representative demonstrates proper planting technique with a small tree.

Education Projects

MUVE uses Miami's diverse outdoor environment to give students novel experiences, and spark learning about science and the world around them.

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Teenagers and youth volunteers use shovels to plant mangrove propagules in ankle deep water.

Restoration Projects

Find out about current restoration projects and environmental monitoring activities.

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Collection of litter from a beach

MUVE Calendar

Check on upcoming MUVE events and activities.

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Volunteers carry potted trees to the planting site.

Adopt a Tree

Make a lasting mark on Miami’s natural habitat by adopting a native hammock tree.

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The MUVE Team

Head shot of a man

Fernando Bretos

Curator of Ecology and Director of MUVE


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