Move2Learn is an international collaboration of informal science educators and learning science researchers that aspires to understand the role of embodied interaction in young children’s learning about science.


A collaboration between Frost Science, the UnidosUS, formerly National Council of La Raza, the ASPIRA Association and 10 other science museums, CHISPA worked to increase the engagement of Hispanic children and their families with science.


GROOVE, a five-year research study and yearly summer program for middle school girls, focuses on nutrition and physical activity.

Research Program

Research is a major part of the intensive GROOVE summer enrichment program for middle school girls. Girls are randomly selected to participate in one of two three-week summer camp experiences, each with variations that aid in our studies.

Interactive Kiosk

MeLaβ, one of the museum exhibits, will include a food truck kiosk and an array of world cuisines from menus developed by the GROOVE girls.

College Prep

Since UBMS targets students who represent the first generation in their families to attend college, our goal is to establish a culture and support system for students that reinforces personal academic expectations...


Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS) is an award-winning program preparing under-resourced teens for STEM higher education and careers.


UBMS offers a rich and varied four-year program for students that includes both academic year and summer components. Over 28 Saturdays each academic year, students participate...

Success Stories

The success stories within the UBMS program are numerous and varied. The impressive overall graduation rate of students within the program, and the significant fraction of those students who pursue science in college and beyond, are all signs of success...


Is there another planet like Earth? Become an avatar, explore 3D simulations and experiment with real NASA data through the vMAX curriculum and virtual world.


vMAX features a comprehensive educator curriculum and supplemental resources that can be used with a variety of settings and age ranges.

Technical Requirements

The vMAX step-by-step video tutorials will help you download and install vMAX for yourself.