APEX® Science brings the excitement of hands-on science exploration to children in after-school program settings. Developed by Frost Science with funding from National Science Foundation, the curriculum immerses students in age-appropriate science activities that introduces them to concepts such as energy, forces of motion, life science, Earth/space science, processes that shape the Earth, the nature of science, the nature of matter and environmental science. The 32 inquiry-based lessons provide opportunities for indoor and outdoor investigations throughout the school year.

Available in both Spanish and English, APEX Science also includes a training model for staff of local community-based organizations and schools that provide after-school care. Each APEX Science Trainer’s Guide includes lesson-specific background information for activity leaders, an Activity Leader Card that provides detailed instructions for delivering each thematic hands-on activity and a set of Expedition Learning Cards for children. APEX Science has been shown to help instructors feel more comfortable teaching science, leading them to incorporate it into their after-school programs more often.

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APEX Science brings the excitement of hands-on science exploration to children in after-school programs. The 32 APEX Science inquiry-based lessons strengthen understanding of core concepts in physical sciences, life sciences, earth and space sciences, and engineering

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Professional Development

Professional development is key to the successful implementation of APEX Science. The three-day series of workshops is designed to provide staff trainers or activity leaders with hands-on interaction using the APEX Science curriculum materials.

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