The complete APEX Science curriculum consists of eight units, each one packaged in its own Trainer’s Guide that includes four expeditions, or lessons, developed around the unit’s unique thematic focus. If you’ve never tried to “do science” with the children in your center, don’t be nervous — we’ve provided tools to help you!

The order in which you implement the units and expeditions depends on your after-school program’s needs and time constraints. You may, for example, choose to implement one unit per month, which is equivalent to one expedition per week. Or you may find that the children want to explore an expedition or unit over a longer period of time. We have ordered the four expeditions for each unit in a way that allows the activity leader and the children to build on what they learn about the unit’s theme.

While APEX Science curriculum units are not sold separately, you can click on the links below to find out more about each unit.

APEX Birds Eye View Cover flyer

A Bird’s Eye View

Children investigate the classification of living things while exploring the physical attributes of birds.

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APEX Design Construct Cover flyer

Design and Construct It!

Children use the processes for scientific habits of mind to create original inventions using recyclable materials.

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APEX Water Works Cover flyer

Water Works!

Children investigate and trace the dynamics of water and the water cycle.

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APEX Can You Hear Me Cover flyer

Can You Hear Me?

Children experience physics and properties of sound by experimenting with vibrations to generate sounds and by building their own musical instruments.

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APEX Lets Rock Cover flyer

Let’s Rock!

Children examine rocks and minerals to demonstrate and recognize geological identification.

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APEX What You Eat Cover flyer

You Are What You Eat

Children trace the interdependency and cyclical nature of living things in the environment as they explore food chains and food webs.

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APEX Up Up Away Cover flyer

Up, Up and Away

Children explore the physical properties of air by measuring air quality, investigating air pressure and creating objects that use the properties of air to glide or fly.

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APEX The Sun Our Star Cover flyer

The Sun, Our Star

Children explore sunlight and solar power as a source of renewable energy.

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