Frost Science provides STEM professionals with resources and products to enhance their skills and science learning impact, and also share their expertise and passion for science with a broad audience.


Volunteering can be a way to learn something new, bond with friends and family, build your resume or better the world we live in.

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ECHOS® is a comprehensive, hands-on interactive early childhood science curriculum designed for small groups of children, and aligned with preschool science standards. The curriculum is research-based and scripted to facilitate guided inquiry and increases teachers’...

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Student participating in APEX Science

APEX Science

APEX Science brings the excitement of hands-on science exploration to children in afterschool programs. Developed by Frost Science with funding from National Science Foundation, and focusing on children in grades K through five, the 32...

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Internships At Frost Science

Internships at Frost Science

From biologists swimming with sharks, to educators working with children, to our communication staff marketing a fantastic exhibit to the world, Frost Science offers a broad array of career paths.  

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