Science in the Dark at 1 Hotel South Beach

Community Engagement Manager showcases minerals that fluoresce under long-form ultraviolet radiation

Every month, 1 Hotel South Beach turns down the lights for a candlelit evening in the lobby of their resort. It’s all part of a Dark Sky event series to raise awareness about the concept of global brightening. Global brightening occurs as urban areas generate light pollution that impedes our ability to see stars at night, and can sometimes affect local wildlife. As urban areas grow, global brightening intensifies.

This month, Frost Science joined the Dark Sky programming with our “Science in the Dark” presentation, which illuminates (pardon the pun) the mysteries behind objects that appear to glow or light-up. The presentation looks at how each state of matter reacts differently to stimuli such as electricity or ultraviolet radiation. Guests and passers by in the hotel lobby were able to explore fluorescent minerals and liquids under a black light and get hands-on with our plasma globe to see how generally invisible noble gases can transform into dynamic colors when charged with electricity. We also demonstrated how invisible gases come to life with the use of a Tesla coil from our spectroscopy kit—a method scientists use to determine what gases stars are made of millions of miles away!  All in all, it was not your average hotel lobby experience.

To learn more about our “Science in the Dark” program, please email our Community Engagement Manager, Daniel Mannina, at  And be sure to visit for information on their ongoing slate of unique community events.

See the slide show below for more images from our Dark Sky evening.