Frost Science is excited to contribute to reef conservation efforts with the help of our partners. Learn more about the conservation projects we are involved in below.

Midway Nursery

Explore our new coral nursery, located just north of Haulover Inlet.

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100 Yards of Hope

Learn about our out-planting efforts to restore Florida's Coral Reef.

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Caribbean Pillar Coral

Florida Reef Tract Rescue Program

Explore the ways Frost Science has been at the forefront of caring for threatened pillar coral.

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Rescue Corals

Learn about our rescue corals and Marine Conservation WetLab.

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Exotic Species Removal

Explore the ways Frost Science assists in removing non-native marine life from our local waterways.

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Long-Spined Sea Urchins

Learn about how Frost Science studies and cares for long-spined sea urchins.

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