Frost Science and CappSci Announce $1 Million Prize Program

Architecture of a science building

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science and CappSci announced today a series of annual prize contests to develop innovative solutions in the health and environmental sectors. Two separate prizes will be offered in 2015: one for the best invention to restore coral reefs and one for the best invention to help people reduce their exposure to carcinogens.

Building on CappSci’s experience with global competitions, the CappSci Inventors program solicits submissions of prototype inventions with local relevance and global significance. Applications will be accepted starting today and are open worldwide. Two winners will each be awarded a $100,000 grant to support a 12-18 month installation at the Musuem, as part of the Museum’s inventors-in-residence initiative. During their residencies, inventors will interact with museum visitors while building out and testing their technologies. Museum visitors will be able to watch the inventor work in their public facing workspace, read interactive daily project logs, and discuss the progress and details of the project with a dedicated intern who will serve as a knowledge liaison between the inventor and the public. CappSci and the Museum will also support inventors with mentorship and growth opportunities. Entry forms and additional details of the prizes are available at

CappSci is a nonprofit applied science company created by engineer and entrepreneur Dr. Ted Caplow and his wife, the former ballerina, Pascale van Kipnis Caplow.CappSci made headlines around the world in 2013 with the $1 million Caplow Children’s Prize, the largest prize in the world to date dedicated to saving the lives of children under five. The Caplows have previously donated $1 million to the Innovation Center at the new Museum.

“The CappSci Inventors program is designed to help stimulate the growth of a world-class technology sector in south Florida while tackling big challenges,” said Ted Caplow, CEO of CappSci. “By using a global prize contest and installing our winners at Frost Science, Miami’s most incredible space for public education, we leverage our investment many fold.”

“CappSci is a generous partner and a unique one to have,” said Gillian Thomas, President and CEO of Frost Science. “This particular program will enable visitors to explore and understand the process of invention, as well as provide these inventors with mentorship and growth opportunities through our new Innovation Center.”

The five-floor Innovation Center at the new Museum will provide an opportunity to collaboratively explore the future city, with project-based classes, maker’s activities, public demonstrations and workshops celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship while displaying the latest global developments.

The prizes were announced this morning at the Museum’s current location as part of its “Innovation & Engineering Weekend.” The announcement was followed by a panel discussion on the importance of competitions, featuring local leaders in science, medicine, and business. The panelists includedRebecca Fishman Lipsey, Member, Florida Board of Education and CEO of Radical Partners, marine biologist Dr. Andrew Baker from University of Miami, medical entrepreneur Dr. Maurice Ferré, and oncologist Dr. Nicholas C. Lambrou.