children looking at a pool with fish

We are proud to display some of our comments and summer camp testimonials from caregivers and campers as an example of our commitment and dedication. Feel free to contact us at if you would like to add a testimonial of your own!


  • “Summer camp is like going a new exciting field trip every day. You also get to do lots of hands on experiments and meet real-life scientists!” Shalom, Camper
  • “I loved seeing what my child learned on a daily basis. It’s high-quality curriculum that keeps my curious kiddo very entertained. I loved that the kids participated in real-life science programs like the rebuilding of the coral reef!” Michelle, Parent of Shalom
  • “Frost Science camp is a jewel in our community! An all-day, safe, educational summer camp that the kids beg to attend.”Laura, Parent of Two
  • “This is the greatest camp I have ever gone to! I never want to go anywhere else! Learning is like playing a game with your friends instead of sitting in class. I want to be a chemist or an engineer someday, and I learned about both in camp.”Emily (age 11), Camper
  • “My favorite thing about Frost Science camp is the nice counselors. They take us into the MeLab and the Aquarium. They are smart and kind, and they play with us outside.”Charlotte (age 7), Camper
  • “The staff was extremely professional.”Parent of Camper
  • “Kids loved museum time and themed activities/crafts. Seeing my son SO happy and excited about what they did that day [was the best part of camp].”Parent of Camper
  • “This is the camp for me! The best summer ever. I want to work at [the] camp in the 9th grade because I can’t be a camper anymore.”Camper


  • Featured in NBC 6 Miami WTVJ News Segment “Science Camp for Kids”
  • Selected by BKB (Brickell and Key Biscayne) Moms as Top 10 Summer Camps 2019 Miami
  • Nominated for Favorite Camp Program in Miami-Dade Family Life Magazine’s Annual Miami-Dade Family Awards