Sharing Dinosaur Discoveries with Cráneo

Are you a Spanish speaker? Do you love science podcasts, or have a child who does? Would you call yourself a dinosaur enthusiast? If any of that sounds like you, Frost Science has the perfect thing for you!

Frost Science Public Programs Manager Hidekel Olivo Pinales was recently featured on Cráneo, a Spanish-language podcast for kids about science. The podcast takes an engaging educational approach by airing science questions from listeners in their own words, getting them answered by professionals, and encouraging families to listen and learn together.

In a 21-minute episode called, “¿Cuántos tipos de dinosaurios existieron?” (How many types of dinosaurs existed?), Olivo Pinales answers dinosaur questions from kids around the world wondering why birds are considered dinosaurs, what the biggest dinosaur was, and even how we can tell what colors dinosaurs were. She developed her answers in collaboration with our Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, Dr. Cary Woodruff.

Sharing science information with a diverse audience is an important pillar of Frost Science’s work. For Olivo Pinales (a knowledgeable dinosaur enthusiast herself!), increasing access to science information for Spanish-speaking audiences is a personal mission. “Appearing on the podcast was so much fun,” she explains. “I grew up in the Latin American community, and we didn’t have access to these kinds of things.” There are few Spanish-language science podcasts for kids, so this was a rare opportunity for the museum to reach this important audience.

The podcast episode has been a huge hit with Cráneo’s international audience. It is the highest-performing Cráneo episode so far. During the week it was published, Cráneo was the #1 podcast in Apple’s “Educational podcasts for kids” category in Argentina and Chile and #3 in Mexico, Spain, and Colombia. Additionally, the episode was downloaded by listeners in 40 countries and has been viewed 2,000 times on YouTube.

At Frost Science, we take our mission to inspire and connect people of all ages and backgrounds to science seriously, and the Cráneo podcast was a fantastic opportunity to help us further that mission. Have you listened to the episode? Let us know what you think by sharing and tagging @frostscience on social media!


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