From dinosaurs and woolly mammoths to the first single-celled organisms, paleontology is the study of ancient life. Examining Earth’s living past reveals how the living world around us came to be, and even offers clues to its future.

Led by Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, Dr. Cary Woodruff, the Paleontology Department will importantly bring the first paleontological research program to South Florida. And since Dr. Woodruff’s primary area of expertise is on dinosaurs, we’re bringing dinosaurs to Miami! Come learn about the world of the dinosaurs from discoveries and research all around the globe. See the new fossils our paleontology team is discovering. Learn about the process of paleontology and what fossils can tell us. Immerse yourself in the sound and feel of prehistoric Earth. All at Frost Science.

From the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, to the badlands of Montana and Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, our Paleontology Department works around the globe each year with numerous international partners to find and collect dinosaur fossils. With the opening of The Dig, an exciting new exhibition and the Paleontology Department’s base at the museum, not only will you be able to learn about our various fossil finds, but you’ll be able to see those fossils being cleaned and prepared right in front of you in the PaleoLab. Once those fossils have been examined and studied by paleontologists, you can learn about these major scientific discoveries at the museum.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to volunteer in a lab, or help make new scientific discoveries in the field. Through Frost Science’s Paleontology Department, you can! Join us on a dinosaur dig in the American West or the Gobi Desert of Mongolia or volunteer in our fossil preparation lab. Learn more about paleontology by being alongside our scientific team as we make those discoveries, together.

Frost Science would like to thank the donors who have supported the realization of the Paleontology Department.

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