Join Frost Science in Dallas for the Solar Eclipse Trip of a Lifetime

You may not think of Dallas, Texas as “trip of a lifetime” worthy, but we at Frost Science are planning something for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse you won’t want to pass up.

From Friday, April 5 through Tuesday, April 9, we invite you to join Frost Science President & CEO and accomplished astronomer, Dr. Douglas Roberts, in Texas for a highly curated and one-of-a-kind experience. You will explore the region’s top museums, take guided visits to renowned art spaces, and dine at a plethora of delicious restaurants. And, of course, you’ll have the opportunity to experience April 8’s Great North American Solar Eclipse right in the path of totality with Dr. Roberts there to explain this spectacular astronomical phenomenon.

A Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon crosses between the Sun and Earth, blocking all incoming sunlight. Day seemingly turns to night, the air cools, and birds stop chirping. Here in Miami, we are far from the centerline of the April eclipse path, so we will only see this event as a partial eclipse. The trip will take you right into the path of totality to get the full experience.

“During my first Total Solar Eclipse, I got chills,” says Dr. Roberts. “Watching one in its full glory truly is one of the most unique experiences on the planet.” During totality, you may even be able to see wisps of plasma coming out from the Sun. As part of your private eclipse viewing event in collaboration with the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, you’ll have access to all the telescopes and other tools you need to safely experience it like a true astronomer.

On this exceptional journey, you’ll spend your days exploring the best of Dallas and Fort Worth and your evenings engaged in lively scientific conversation. Spots are extremely limited. For more information and pricing, please contact Habibi Athié at

Don’t miss it! This is your chance to experience the last Total Solar Eclipse in the United States for 20 years—the next one visible here will not be until 2044.