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Join us for Technology and Engineering Day on Saturday, March 2 as we celebrate National Engineers Week and World Engineering Day. Learn about the latest developments in technology and engineering directly from local scientists right here at Frost Science. You’ll have the chance to test out new gadgets, learn about 3D printing and robotics, and even try your hand at writing computer code!

Don’t miss your chance to be on the cutting edge of innovation.

While you wait for the big day, check out our Power of Science exhibition highlighting how engineers and scientists are working together to make groundbreaking scientific innovations.

Programming is free with paid museum admission.

Live Shows

It’s Electric – 12:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m
Ocean Gallery Stage, Power of Science Level 1
Discover the powers of electricity in this hair-raising and positively shocking live science show, featuring different electrical sources such as a plasma globe, tesla coil, and Van Der Graaff Generator.

Programming Schedule

Download the full programming schedule here.

Air and Aerosol Sensing Group
Atrium, Level 1
Make clouds in a special chamber, then learn how air quality sensors work.

Miami AI Club
Atrium, Level 1
Ask an expert all your artificial intelligence questions, and explore AI solutions developed right here in South Florida.

UM Sustainable and Advanced Structures and Materials
Atrium, Level 1
Touch different construction materials, make your own concrete, and try your hand at architectural design.

RoboCanes at University of Miami
Power of Science, Level 1
Meet the soccer-playing robots, and look into the software behind their “brains”.

Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Lab
Outdoor Terrace, Level 2
Embark on a scientific quest into the mysterious world of organ transplantation, and create a fortress to protect organs from the ultimate showdown – rejection!

Microstructure and Mechanics Lab
Outdoor Terrace, Level 2
Experiment with sound visualization using mechanical vibrations.

UMaker Robotics and Engineering
Outdoor Terrace, Level 2
Watch a robot use a crane, smile at a mood-changing interactive face, and combine 3D printing with robotics to make amazing machines.

Frost Science Museum Educators
Discovery Lab, Level 3
Grab a seat and a screwdriver to explore the inner mechanisms of electronics in a hands-on technology take-apart extravaganza.

Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency
Outdoor Terrace, Level 3
Witness how the power of science and engineering makes organ transplantation possible.

UM Environmental Engineering Lab
Outdoor Terrace, Level 3
Get your hands dirty (or put on some gloves!) to discover the surprisingly complex world of soils.

Minds of Tomorrow
Outdoor Terrace, Level 4
Create a masterpiece with a specially engineered spin art machine, then test out video games created by other event participants.

University of Miami Additive Manufacturing Team
Outdoor Terrace, Level 4
See how 3D printing works on Earth — and in space.

University of Miami Advanced Materials Lab
Outdoor Terrace, Level 4
Discover the sponge-like capabilities of advanced materials called polymers!