Whether joining in as a citizen scientist or helping out at one of our signature events, you and your family can work together, bond, learn and become part of the Frost Science team.

Environmental Conservation Volunteer
Protect and rehabilitate Miami’s unique coastal habitats by joining our team to remove invasive plants and replace them with indigenous species. To register for upcoming Museum Volunteers for the Environment (MUVE) Workdays, visit the Frost Science calendar.

Citizen Science Volunteer
Get your hands dirty and your feet wet as you and your family work with real scientists and other volunteers to clean up local beaches while tracking and trying to eliminate marine debris. To register for upcoming Citizen Science Workdays, visit the Frost Science calendar.

Special Events Volunteer
Limited on time but still want to make a big impact? Become one of our special events volunteers and help with a variety of activities during Frost Science’s biggest event days. All ages welcome!