Zach Ransom

As senior aquarist at Frost Science, Zach Ransom maintains our living collection of fish and invertebrates, and is intricately involved in sustaining the health and vitality of the museum’s live coral exhibits, which entails precisely controlling water chemistry, lighting and feeding regimes to match those in the natural world.

Always captivated by the underwater world, Ransom obtained his first SCUBA certification at age 12, and has logged over 2,000 dives around the world, earning nine advanced certifications. Before joining Frost Science in 2015, Ransom’s passion for shark conservation led him to volunteer with Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions in Australia, where he assisted Andrew Fox with tagging great white sharks. Additionally, Ransom has worked with African elephants in a free contact environment at the Indianapolis Zoo, and with SeaWorld Orlando, where he maintained numerous aquarium exhibits and cared for hundreds of animals, from large sharks to tiny seahorses.

Ransom graduated from Purdue University with degrees in biology and psychology, and studied tropical marine ecology on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in conjunction with James Cook University. He is also a professional photographer specializing in underwater imagery of marine life.