Give Today, Change Tomorrow

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What does it take to inspire the joy of discovery in a child?


How can science and technology help adults make better decisions?


How do you ignite the spark of education in young lives?


How do you strengthen the region’s technology workforce?


How does Miami take the next step forward on the world stage?

There is one answer to all these questions: the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science.

By fostering scientific thinking, supporting education and strengthening Miami’s economic base, Frost Science will help provide a solid foundation for Miami’s future. But there’s another exciting element as well – the fun factor! By providing enjoyable and stimulating cultural and recreational activities for children, teens and adults, Frost Science will bring a sense of excitement to the region, adding a new dimension to South Florida’s quality of life.

Your Gift Makes a Difference!

Bringing these immediate and long-lasting educational and economic benefits to South Florida will cost about $307 million, according to the Frost Science planning team. This includes design and construction of the new building, the costs associated with moving from the museum’s current site, and operational support for Frost Science’s first ten years.

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Fortunately, substantial portions of the Frost Science funding plan are already in place. A General Obligation Bond approved by Miami-Dade County voters in 2004 provided $165 million. In addition, The City of Miami has passed a resolution to provide 4 acres of Museum Park to Frost Science and issued a bond for $3.5 million to support the park development.

With the support of generous individuals, families, businesses and foundations, the Campaign for Frost Science has already raised approximately $103 million in pledges and cash donations. To reach our campaign goal, everyone’s support is essential. Whether you can give $1 or $10 million, we invite you to invest in building a better future. You can make a difference!

Today’s gift to the Museum will truly change tomorrow.

To make a donation to the new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science Capital Campaign, please click on the link below: