Treasured Taxa is an international exploration science initiative to study and protect threatened marine organisms including corals. Frost Science also partners with research institutions and aquariums across the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico to study species of reef fish that have yet to be reported to science.

Critically Endangered Pillar Coral Ark

One of the most endangered of all corals in the Caribbean are the massive Pillar corals, reaching upwards towards the surface like majestic skyscrapers.  These corals are extremely slow-growing and prone to disease and have all but disappeared from Florida’s Coral Reef.  To archive the genetic and provide opportunities for lab rearing and future out planting, Frost Science, along with other public aquariums and experts in coral husbandry are serving as “arks” to house remaining coral fragments and develop spawning and rearing techniques for these critically endangered species.  The hope is that one day we will be able to transplant these corals and their offspring back out into the wild as part of a thriving ecosystem.