Health is one of humankind’s greatest possessions. Investigation, discovery and innovation are crucial to fighting illness and preserving our quality of life—and OPKO Health, Inc. stands on the frontlines of those initiatives.

Part of Frost Science’s mission is to better understand ourselves—a key component of which is our health. And we’re proud to have OPKO as one of our partners, as we invite the community to understand more about the world around the them as well as within.

“OPKO Health, Inc. is a proud supporter of this magnificent museum which will present the wonders and possibilities of the physical world to so many. It also serves as a testament to the Frost’s more than 50 years of enlightened philanthropy to education, the arts and science in Southern Florida,” said Steven Rubin, executive vice president of administration for OPKO Health, Inc. “As one of Florida’s leading life science companies, OPKO shares the museum’s ambitions to enhance Florida’s position as a science center that draws life science companies and technologies to our state and encourages young talent to enter the life sciences.”

Created in 2007 by Dr. Philip Frost, OPKO Health, Inc. discovers, develops and commercializes pharmaceutical and diagnostic products for the healthcare industry. Since its inception, OPKO has made a significant impact as a diagnostics company and continues to build an impressive portfolio of innovative commercialized and late-stage development pharmaceutical and biological products for diseases that afflict large patient populations.

OPKO continues to make innovative strides in healthcare. In late 2016, the company launched an approved treatment for patients with stage three and four chronic kidney disease and released the only blood test that accurately identifies aggressive prostate cancer.

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