Nautilus and UNESCO Miami Art Week Experience

Nautilus Magazine, UNESCO and Frost Science will unveil a dynamic program of ocean-themed exhibitions during Miami Art Week from Wednesday, December 6 through Sunday, December 10, 2023. Celebrating the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030, the purpose of the program is to raise awareness, inspire action on ocean conservation, and foster a deeper understanding of the intricate connection between humanity and the marine environment.

This exhibition marks the third juncture in a series of events, spearheaded by UNESCO in partnership with the Schmidt Ocean Institute and Nautilus. Such gatherings are a testament to our unending quest for knowledge and our insatiable appetite for the beauty of our world.

In collaboration with the Schmidt Ocean Institute, the Bertarelli Foundation, Re:wild, SC Johnson, OMEGA and Viking, Nautilus and UNESCO will host a series of programming dedicated to ocean conservation.

The program includes:

  • Artist at Sea Exhibition with Nautilus and Schmidt Ocean InstituteThis exhibition will present artworks – photos, sculptures, and paintings – from Schmidt Ocean Institute’s international Artist-at-Sea program, which hosts residencies for artists to participate in ocean science aboard the Institute’s Falkor (too) research vessel. The collection will present pieces from Max Hooper Schneider, Taiji Terasaki, Michel Droge, Robert Stackhouse, and Rebecca Rutstein, among others.
    The exhibition will be hosted at Frost Science and Art Basel Miami Beach at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The main exhibition, at the Frost Science Museum, will be open to the public from December 6 to December 10 (museum admission required).
  • Frost Planetarium Show – The Blue Paradox – Presented by SC Johnson in Partnership with Conservation International – The award-winning immersive experience from the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago is coming to Miami. “The Blue Paradox” is more than just an educational exhibit—it’s a visceral journey into the depths of the ocean’s majesty, its importance, and the looming threats of the plastic waste crisis. The Frost Planetarium promises an enthralling, full dome first-person preview of this experience.

    The show will be hosted in the Frost Planetarium, and will be open to the public December 6 (until 12:30 p.m.), 8, 9 and 10 (museum admission required, times vary).

To view the full schedule of Nautilus Magazine and UNESCO’s Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach events, click here.