A sea of king penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) stretch out to meet the hills on South Georgia Island in the southern Atlantic Ocean. King penguins, the second largest penguin species, congregate here starting in September. The aquatic birds form breeding colonies that can reach up to tens of thousands in number.

A visually stunning experience based on a National Geographic book reveals some of the most exclusive sights in the world.

Rarely Seen, a new photo exhibit of visual wonders on view in the museum’s Hsiao Family Special Exhibition Gallery, reveals a world very few have the chance to see for themselves.

The exhibit, inspired by the book, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC RARELY SEEN: Photographs of the Extraordinary, features 50 striking images shot by some of the world’s finest photographers of places, events, natural phenomena, and manmade heirlooms seldom seen by human eyes.

An ominous storm cloud hovers over a field in eastern Colorado. While these stunning “mother ships” can spawn tornadoes, this one didn’t.

With an introduction by National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez, whose work has taken him from the Peruvian Andes to the deepest caves of Papua New Guinea, this exhibition captures unbelievable moments, natural wonders and extraordinary objects from the far reaches of the globe.

On view through Monday, September 7, 2020 in the Hsiao Family Special Exhibition Gallery. Rarely Seen is organized and traveled by the National Geographic Society.

Photo Credits: All photos appear courtesy of Rarely Seen, National Geographic.

  • ANIMAL CONFRONTATION: Photo by Bence Máté, Costa Rica
  • KING COLONY: Photo by Frans Lanting, Antarctica
  • FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: Photo by Nanut Bovorn, Thailand
  • SUPERCELL STORM CLOUD: Photo by Marko Korosec, near Julesburg, Colorado

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