Welcome to meLab! Being healthy means much more than just having a strong pulse and sharp eyesight, and our health is influenced by the many small decisions that we make each and every day. How we move, what we eat, how much we relax, who we connect with, and our thoughts and emotions all shape our personal sense of well-being. meLab: The Journey begins on Level 2, where guests can explore what being healthy means to them and experiment with lifestyle choices to live healthier, happier lives.

meLab: The Discovery continues on Level 3, where we ask how scientists and doctors know what it means to be healthy. Slip on your stethoscope and your white coat, because you’re the doctor now. Just like any other science, the field of medicine advances through the process of questioning, observing and experimenting—try it out and see what new information you can uncover.

Did You Know?

Fruit Power

Eating more than five servings of fruits and vegetables per day may prevent some types of cancer.

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MeLaβ is located in the Baptist Health Galleries on levels two and three of the museum’s West Wing.

This exhibition is supported by Baptist Health.

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Frost Science would like to thank the donors, organizations, advisors and developers who have supported the realization of MeLaβ.

Major funding for MeLaβ was provided by: Baptist Health South Florida.

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Science Advisors: Dr. Sally Duensing, Independent Consultant; Dr. Wendy Berry Mendes, University of California; Dr. John Cacioppo, University of Chicago; Dr. Angela Laird, Florida International University; Dr. Sara Lazar, Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital; Dr. Michael McCullough, University of Miami; Dr. Milicca Mormann, University of Miami; Michael Moss, Pulitzer Prize-winning Investigative Reporter; Dr. Elena Nuciforo, University of Massachusetts; and Dr. Brian Wansink, Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.

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