Streamlined sharks cruise by as schools of tuna gather below…

The 500,000-gallon Gulf Stream Aquarium takes you just off the coast of Miami into one of the most powerful ocean currents on the planet—the Gulf Stream. The conical aquarium mimics this wide-open, constantly moving environment, and allows pelagic fish and other graceful travelers uninterrupted movement. The exhibit spans three levels: the Vista gives you unique perspectives on the biomechanics of various creatures of the high seas; the Dive level puts you eye-to-eye with open ocean denizens, and presents the latest science on how the oceans work; and the Deep level shares the mysteries of the Gulf Stream’s depths as you gaze up through a 31-foot oculus lens into the open realm above.

Did You Know?

Devil May Air

Devil or mobula rays are famous for breaching high into the air, earning them the nickname "flying mobulas."

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