A French Angelfish swims alongside corals.

Fans, brains, and funky branches in fuchsia, orange and lime…

The resplendent structures of coral reefs are actually constructed by tiny animals, and in turn become an important home to thousands of marine life forms. Our coral exhibits place you in the midst of this teeming and threatened world. The Live Corals of the Florida Reef habitat reveals intimate views of living corals of the region; the Great Barrier Reef habitat is home to colorful species of fish from the worlds largest coral reef system; and the 18-foot deep Reef Fishes aquarium roils with hundreds of fish found on local reefs. View the reef from the floor-to-ceiling window, or use the pop-up bubble window to stand up inside the reef cave, where moray eels hang out.

Did You Know?

Sun Dependent

Though some corals catch fish and plankton using stinging tentacles, most gain energy from photosynthetic dinoflagellates living in their tissue.