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Homeschool 4

Winter Break from school is the perfect time to chill out with science! Join Frost Science for two four-day camps and start the new year with some amazing experiments, discoveries and investigations, all while creating friendships. For more information on Winter Camp click here.

Week 2: Nature’s Superheroes

Get ready to explore the world of the nearly indestructible microscopic tardigrade and the extraordinarily strong and fast mantis shrimp. Dive into the science of surviving the extremes by investigating the sea floor while you make your own hydrothermal vents diorama, create your own model to illustrate the advantages of camouflage and plot migration maps that highlight the enormous distances some creatures cover to just feed and breed. From dragonflies to whales, this week will leave you in awe of the incredible creatures that call our planet home.

This week of camp has now sold out. To be placed on a waitlist, please click here.