Earth Month at Frost Science

Every day is Earth Day if you have the right mindset—or if you happen to be a science museum! In April, we celebrated both Earth Month and Citizen Science Month. It has been invigorating to collaborate with the passionate environmental advocates and community leaders who have visited the museum and attended our events.

Throughout the month, we curated a distinctly Earth-forward event series featuring nightLAB: Deep Dive, Tech Lab: Designing the Future for Climate Change, Mini-Me Science: Saving Corals, a MUVE Volunteer Workday, and so much more!

We kicked off April with an adults-only nightLAB experience focused on our oceans. Organizations from throughout Miami-Dade County partnered with us as we demonstrated the importance of keeping our waterways clean and calling for their protection. Guests enjoyed learning about sea turtle life cycles with MORAES, testing their nautical knowledge with Waterlust, exploring the world of marine mammals with University of Miami Rosenstiel School’s Marine Mammal Science Lab, and more.

Don’t worry, adults weren’t the only ones included. We hosted several activities for people of all ages. Families with an interest in climate tech were invited to enroll in our Tech Lab, where they learned about environmentally friendly energy solutions from local researchers. Parents and their budding scientists enjoyed Mini-Me Science, an early childhood educational programming series, where they learned all about how corals grow and the best ways to protect them.

Outside of the museum’s walls, our long-standing MUVE Volunteer Workdays continued to engage the community in coastal restoration. Volunteers planted 1,000 sea oats and collected over 320 gallons of invasive plants from Haulover Park!

We rounded Earth Month out on April 21 with our Earth Day 2024 celebration, presented by FPL SolarNow and supported by Florida Prepaid. We invited several community organizations, including The Underline, Miami Waterkeeper, Compost for Life and more, to the museum to provide our guests with exciting activations. Thank you to the more than 2,500 guests who attended the event! We hope you enjoyed learning about our planet and how to protect it.

After celebrating the Earth with us this past month, we hope you continue to feel inspired to make our planet better for future generations. Come visit us at Frost Science to continue learning more about this beautiful, biodiverse world we live in, and get involved in our local community through MUVE and our other programming. Remember, it’s our world. Explore it!