Please explore the resources below for information to make your field trip at Frost Science exciting and educational. Field Trip Resources include pre- and post-field trip activities, exhibition guides, and highlight key state or national standards explored in the exhibition.

A general field trip FAQ and Reservation Guide can be found here.

In the Aquarium, students will explore the ecosystems of South Florida through face-to-face encounters with marine animals and learn the stories behind the scientists who study the ocean.

In Feathers to the Stars, students will explore the evolution of flight from dinosaurs to the future of space travel and the role nature has played in inspiring human flight.

In the MeLaβ, students can learn about the impacts their everyday choices have on their mental and physical health and wellness by experimenting first-hand with different choices and outcomes.

Graphic of animals by the water

In River of Grass, younger students can explore the ecosystem of the Everglades and the physical properties of water through immersive, interactive play.

In The Secret World Inside You, students can discover the human microbiome—the vast community of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that call our bodies home.

In Strange Matter, students can uncover the surprising science behind everyday stuff.

*This guide provided by the touring company is designed for Grades 5-8, however, activities can be amended to other grades at your discretion.

In Phantom of the Universe: The Hunt for Dark Matter, playing now in the Frost Planetarium, students will immerse themselves in the exciting exploration for dark matter, from all the way back to the Big Bang, to recent discoveries at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva.