Gregg McIntyre

Joining Frost Science in August of 2014, Gregg McIntyre manages the aquatic areas of both the Aquarium and the Batchelor Environmental Center at Florida International University, and oversees a team of biologists caring for the fish and invertebrates in our exhibits. Before joining Frost Science, McIntyre worked for 18 years at the New Jersey State Aquarium and Adventure Aquarium, where he began his career as an aquarist, and held numerous positions within the animal husbandry department. He has a strong background in aquatic animal husbandry, life support systems, and collection and transportation of live animals for display, including successfully collecting, transporting, and exhibiting pelagic fishes, rays and sharks. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, McIntyre grew up in southern New Jersey and received a bachelor’s degree in biology from LaSalle University in Philadelphia.