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Frost Science is offering a selection of exciting and educational scientific demonstrations that are sure to get the neurons firing for science learners. All demonstrations are STEM-focused and aligned to science standards (available upon request).

Group demonstrations are approximately 30 minutes. Limit to 30 participants per demonstration.

Chemistry Curiosities ($200 per 30-minute presentation)

Spark a curiosity for the field of chemistry through fun-filled demonstrations! Explore chemical reactions that change color, overflow and even burn while learning about the basics of chemistry from catalysts to indicators!

Evolution of Light ($125 per 30-minute presentation)

plasma electricity globe

Follow the flow of electrons from the late 1800s to today with this electrifying demonstration exploring the advances in engineering light bulbs for everyday use and beyond. Then explore the fourth state of matter, rarely seen naturally on Earth, with a plasma globe.

The Chill Zone ($200 per 30-minute presentation)

birthday party host demonstrating extreme-nitro activity

Explore physical reactions by freezing everyday objects with liquid nitrogen. Watch as balloons, flowers, and other objects undergo a physical change when exposed to extremely cold temperatures (-321°F to be exact). Make sure to stay for our grand finale as we create a simulated cloud (thunder and all!).

Who Glows There? ($125 per 30-minute presentation)

Uncover the hidden glow in minerals, shells, and household liquids with this illuminating demonstration that is sure to light up your curiosity for fluorescence. See how a special ultraviolet flashlight is used to reveal beautiful patterns and vibrant colors that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye and explore the science of how and why things glow.