children watching an aquarium

Join us for our weeklong camps virtually! Weekly topics will explore engineering, marine sciences, technology, and more, with hands-on activities, special experiences such as guided virtual museum tours, virtual meet the scientist sessions, virtual lab tours and educational videos throughout the week.

  • Camp Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Pricing: $190 for members/$225 for nonmembers per week
  • Weekly materials kits for all activities is included with registration and will be available for pick-up the Thursday evening and Friday before the start of the camp week.
  • A Frost Science camp T-shirt is available for purchase for $10 each.
  • A science goodie bag, including items such as a constellation bookmark, slime, and more, is available for purchase for $15 each.

*Adjusted Pricing for 4-day Camp the Week of June 29

  • Pricing: $152 for members/$180 for nonmembers per week
  • Camp times and inclusions remain the same.

Camp Sessions and Dates:

green spiky plant

June 8 – 12: Decoding Nature
Decode the hidden math and science of nature’s beauty by exploring the mathematical constant pi, fractals, and even learning the basics of coding to use math to help unlock nature’s mysteries.

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children with toys

June 15 – 19: Inventors Lab
Put on your thinking cap to brainstorm, design and prototype your own inventions! Draw inspiration from great inventors like Leonardo da Vinci to create your own flying machine while experimenting with physical forces like lift and gravity.

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Frost Science Museum

June 22 – 26: It’s Not Easy Being Green
Sprout a passion for all things green in a trek around the world exploring the flora found across our seven continents.

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adult conducting chemistry experiment

June 29 – July 2 (No camp on July 3): Kitchen Chemistry
Catalyze your summer with cool chemical combinations that are sure to fuel your curiosity for science.

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image of space on a screen

July 6 – 10: Mysteries of the Universe
Zoom through the cosmos to investigate the mysteries within and beyond our galaxy, from black holes to life on Mars, as NASA gears up to send humans to the Moon in 2024 in preparation of deep space missions.

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aquarium with fish and coral

July 13 – 17: Aqua Agents
Make a splash as you dive into the science of water! Find out just how salty the ocean is by testing freshwater versus saltwater and become a hydrologist by modeling ocean currents and identifying better ways to reuse and preserve water.

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July 20 – 24: Bionic Bodies
Jump into the cutting-edge of biomedical science as technology meets physiology for a week exploring the superhuman as scientists combine the latest medical and engineering innovations to level up the human body.

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July 27 – 31: Mighty Marine Creatures
Lionfish, tiger sharks and water bears, oh my! From the sparkling shallows to the darkness of the abyss, the ocean bursts with life that swims, crawls and goes with the flow.

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children using materials

August 3 – 7: Creative Constructors
Put on your hard hat and step into an engineer’s shoes and design process! Create your own waterproof sand while delving into materials science and investigate the mechanics behind household objects through a hands-on deconstruction and reconstruction investigation.

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August 10 – 14: Wild Weather
Grab your rain jacket and rainboots as you head into the eye of the storm to investigate the world of meteorology. Get your hands wet as you explore the most extreme weather events on Earth including blinding blizzards, powerful hurricanes, raging tornadoes and destructive floods.

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