Current events shed a unique light on the importance of investing in science. At this very moment, teams of scientists and medical professionals around the globe are working towards solutions to this unprecedented crisis. Their early curiosity and passion for science were likely sparked by visits to institutions like Frost Science.

Both the recovery from COVID-19, as well as advancements in research necessary to prevent future pandemics, will depend on communities engaging in and young people pursuing careers in STEM.

Throughout these unprecedented times, our commitment to the community has never faltered, and our commitment to science and conservation has never been stronger. Frost Science is much more than a building – science happens here. Understanding and protecting our natural environment here in South Florida is among the most important work that we do. We rehabilitate birds of prey and other vulnerable avian species; restore natural equilibrium to our area reefs by removing invasive marine life; champion coral research and restoration; collaborate with peers to study and protect threatened marine organisms, and restore wetlands and coastal habitats.

We are working to improve how science is communicated and understood and we’ve designed and launched Frost Science@Home, a free digital museum initiative with online educational programming, and are also contributing to global scientific research efforts to fight diseases such as COVID-19. Our mission of inspiring the next generation of scientists, innovators, changemakers and engineers has perhaps never been as crucial as it is now.

All of these programs and initiatives are possible because of the contributions we receive and the community’s ongoing generosity.

Science happens here but we can’t do it without you. Help us continue to inspire a love for science by making a contribution to Frost Science today.

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I look forward to reopening our doors soon and welcoming you back to Frost Science.

We’re counting on you,

Frank Steslow
President & CEO