Deep within the freshwater rivers of the Earth lie a mysterious and bizarre world not readily obvious to the human eye.

But if you dive deep enough, you’ll encounter a universe of rare, colossal fish that have existed since ancient times. Take a journey through the extraordinary basins of the world’s wildest rivers in our newest special exhibition, Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants. Your guide through this incredible expedition is Dr. Zeb Hogan, an aquatic ecologist and host of Nat Geo’s WILD series “Monster Fish.”

From the Amazon to Australia, you’ll travel to the regions these rare giants inhabit and learn about the biodiversity of their habitats, their extraordinary biology and behavior, and the impact they have on the places that depend on them. Through detailed maps, sculptures and custom illustrations, the exhibition showcases close to 20 fish species and their diverse freshwater ecosystems. You’ll climb on top of a 20-foot sawfish replica, watch adrenaline-pumping video installations of monster fish in action, step on to a large scale with your group to see your equivalent weight in monster fish and catch magnetic fish from a stylized riverbank.

Monster Fish Exhibit

You’ll also learn about key conservation efforts that are underway to help these rare fish, including the sustainable solutions scientists are developing to help preserve them and keep the rivers they inhabit a healthy ecosystem for years to come.

“Giant freshwater fish are every bit as important to the heath of their ecosystems as the top predators of land and sea. These freshwater species deserve the same attention we give to tigers and whales.” – Zeb Hogan, National Geographic Explorer


Highlights of the exhibition include:

  • A boat-turned-theatre that you can climb aboard and view five video shorts featuring Zeb Hogan talking about what it’s like to search the world for monster fish.
  • Five life-size monster fish sculptures, including a sawfish, a pirarucu, a goonch, a giant carp and an American paddlefish.
  • Tactile and digital interactives that highlight how monster fish grow, how scientists study them and how anglers and other individuals can help them survive.

Monster Fish is developed and traveled by the National Geographic Society.

Did You Know?

Monster Fish

Discovered by science circa 1990, giant freshwater stingrays are stealthy, strong hunters. They can weigh up to 1,320 pounds and have been known to pull fishing boats upstream and even underwater.

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Monster Fish - Levels 2, 3