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Homeschool 4

Enrich your school curriculum through our four-week long afterschool science sessions. During each session, students ages 5-9 will come together to explore a science topic in depth through hands-on lessons designed to spark their curiosity and ignite an interest in STEM.

Our informal science education environment encourages students to ask questions, gain experience using scientific tools and make connections, both intellectual and social, through engaging experiments and activities.

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October 5–28: Earth Science

Want to dig into science that most people take for granite? In this session, you’ll discover some unique fossils from early in Earth’s history, then explore earthquakes and plate tectonics as you learn how the Earth is still changing today. You’ll make a model of the mantle for your mantle, then build a topographic map of the ocean floor, as you explore new technologies and gain a new understanding of the science happening just under your feet.

Online registration closes on Wednesday, October 13 at 5:00 P.M.