Sit back and watch our livestream cam of the Gulf Stream exhibit, along with a schedule of curated science lectures and live webinars.

Gulf Stream Exhibit Livestream Cam

Enter the vast realm of one of the world’s most powerful ocean currents in the 500,000-gallon Gulf Stream exhibit. Discover silky sharks, scalloped hammerhead sharks, schools of tuna, devil rays, a loggerhead sea turtle and more.

Virtual LIVE@Frost Science Speaker Series

Upcoming Webinars*

We’ve transformed our popular LIVE@Frost Science speaker series into a virtual offering. Taking place monthly, these online events will be livestreamed via the museum’s Facebook and Youtube pages, featuring museum experts and scientists on a variety of different compelling and relevant science topics. Set your calendar reminders, sit back and enjoy! Don’t have a Facebook or YouTube account? No need to worry! You do not need a Facebook profile or a YouTube account to access the events.

Wednesday, November 18
Featured Speaker: Chemical Kim, motivational science education speaker and Chemistry Professor at Florida SouthWestern State College
Title:Pride in STEM I Periodic Table
Celebrate Pride in STEM Day as Chemical Kim takes us on a scientific whimsical journey through the chemical elements on the periodic table.

Previous Webinars

Wednesday, April 8
Featured Speaker: Daniella Orihuela, Director of Educational Programs, Frost Science
Title: The Physiology of Stress and Exercise
To celebrate World Health Day, learn about the body and brain’s physiological response to stress and how exercise and other habits can help us stay healthy and safe.

Wednesday, April 15 at 2:00 p.m.
Featured Speaker: Kristen M. Dubé, DVM, Veterinarian, Frost Science
Title: From Birds to Fish: Caring for Animals in a Museum
Ever wonder how the animals at Frost Science receive medical care? Get a behind-the-scenes look with our resident veterinarian to learn more about how we examine and provide veterinary care to our Frost Science animals from birds to fish, with a special appearance by one of our feathered friends.

Wednesday, April 22 at 2:00 p.m.
Featured Speaker: Shannon Jones, Conservation Programs Manager, Frost Science
Title: Little Steps to Make Big Changes for Nature
In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, join us as we discuss three of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet, and what you can do from home to make a positive change. Learn more about citizen science projects that are making local and global changes, including Frost Science’s Museum Volunteers for the Environment (MUVE) program and the City Nature Challenge. Supported by the Miami Downtown Development Authority.

Wednesday, April 29 at 2:00 p.m.
Featured Speaker: Dr. Angela Colbert, PhD, Knight VP of Education, Frost Science
Title: Eye of the Storm
Travel around the world to explore the science of hurricanes, including how and where they form, key factors that determine where they go, and the conditions that determine how strong they get before breaking down what the latest science says about hurricanes in the future.

Wednesday, May 6
Featured Speaker: Sarah Ballard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Title: Directions to the Nearest Alien Earth-like Planet
Astronomers used to hedge at the question of whether the Sun and its system of planets are unusual in the cosmos. The study of exoplanets – planets around other stars – is relatively new. State-of-the-art instruments just brush up against the sensitivity to find planets similar to our very own planet Earth. In partnership with University of Florida.

Wednesday, May 13
Featured Speaker: Jillian Morris, Founder & President, Sharks4Kids
Title: Science and Cameras for Shark Conservation
Lights, camera, conservation action! Science and technology are changing the way we study animals, including sharks. Jillian discusses the various tagging methods and some of camera technology being used to study these incredible animals, and why this work is critical for conservation. In partnership with Sharks4Kids.

Wednesday, May 20
Featured Speaker: Rindy Anderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, and Kate M. Detwiler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology, Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Science
Title: Animal Behavior: Bird Songs and Monkey Business
Explore the interesting aspects of animal behavior in monkeys and songbirds. First, meet Dr. Anderson and uncover her studies on behavioral ecology which reveal how and why animals behave as they do. Learn more about her research on the social behavior of songbirds in both the field and in the laboratory, and why birdsong can help us understand the social behavior and communication among animals, including our own. Then, discover new research from the Primatology Lab at FAU with Dr. Detwiler that focuses on African monkey species and their forest edge habitat. In partnership with Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Science.

Wednesday, May 27
Featured Speaker: Leslie Knecht, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Science at the University of Miami
Title: It’s All Elemental
From hydrogen to oganesson, the periodic table of elements is a fascinating tool filled with scientific breakthroughs, hidden patterns, and amazing discoveries. Join Dr. Leslie Knecht as she takes us on an exciting journey through the evolution and key times of the scientific history for this game changing tool, leading to a powerful and iconic system that is fundamental to our understanding of the world around us. In partnership with the University of Miami.

Monday, June 8
Featured Speaker: Andy Dehart, Vice President of Animal Husbandry and Marine Conservation, Frost Science
Title: How the Super Bowl and Finding Dory Relate to Ocean Conservation
Join us for a special Virtual LIVE@Frost Science webinar in honor of World Oceans Day featuring Andy Dehart, our Vice President of Animal Husbandry and Marine Conservation, as we dive into the ocean conservation work of Frost Science. Frost Science leads a number of ocean conservation initiatives ranging from habitat restoration in coral reefs and mangrove shorelines to removal of exotic fish species released from home aquariums. Through this work, Frost Science has built exciting partnerships with universities, environmental non-profits and even a group of former military special forces divers, who are all working together to help save our ocean planet. Presented by the Miami Downtown Development Authority.

Wednesday, October 14
Featured Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Bloch, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology and Chair of the Department of Natural History at the Florida Museum of Natural History, and Affiliate Professor of Biology, Anthropology and Geological Sciences at the University of Florida
Title: Extinction of the Dinosaurs, Global Warming and the Origin of Primates
We’re celebrating National Fossil Day with Dr. Jonathan Bloch who will present a special talk in partnership with the National Park Service and University of Florida. Sponsored by the Miami Downtown Development Authority.