Dr. Jorge Perez-Gallego

Dr. Jorge Perez-Gallego is a multifaceted scientist, designer and educator, with a Ph.D. in astronomy and a Master of Fine Arts in design. As an astronomer, he has led an international team of colleagues in conducting original research about the formation and evolution of galaxies. As a designer, he has followed his passion for science communication and alternative learning, and focused on finding useful ways to share scientific knowledge with different audiences by means of visual, exhibition and communication design. He has published his work and research in both astronomy and design journals, and done work for institutions such as NASA and Telefónica. Currently, Dr. Perez-Gallego leads the development of rich exhibit content and programs in both the state-of-the-art Frost Planetarium, and exhibitions such as LASERsHOW and Feathers to the Stars, which explores the past, present and future of animal and human flight.