Science Barge by Frost Science Statement:

Although the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science campus weathered the storm, the Science Barge by Frost Science in Biscayne Bay experienced some damage as a result of Hurricane Irma. The sea wall was also impacted by the resultant water and wind. The Science Barge will be moving into a dry dock for a full assessment by the museum team. All future Science Barge events there have been cancelled indefinitely.

Located steps away from the museum, the Science Barge by Frost Science is a floating laboratory that directly engages learners in the cutting-edge science behind sustainable technologies, living systems and marine explorations. The Science Barge provides the public with an opportunity to connect with marine science and conservation in the middle of a downtown, urban environment.

As an environmental education center, it is a natural extension of the topics and learning opportunities you’ll explore in the museum’s Aquarium and science exhibitions. On board the barge, you will participate in active investigations into the surrounding marine life—from plankton to fish—while having a front-row view of the manatee families, dolphins and gulls that sometimes visit the area. As a major focal point for STEM education, the barge will also be a part of the museum’s citizen science (or crowd-sourced science) program, which offers the community an opportunity to connect with ongoing research projects and the work of scientists.

The Science Barge was conceived and designed by Ted Caplow and Nathalie Manzano as a floating environmental innovation lab, and opened to the  public in 2016.  It became part of Frost Science a year later to continue the mission  of science education and sustainability.

The Science Barge has passenger capacity up to 140 people. It is permanently moored and accessible off the bay walk. Please note the Science Barge will be closing on June 6, 2017 for renovation and will be reopening this fall with enhanced offerings and programs. For more information, please email