The nature of lasers stirs the imagination—their light is remarkable, they evoke sci-fi adventures and they can be skillfully used to teach the physics of light. LASERsHOW: Light, Color and Geometry brings you on an immersive experience around the wonders of lasers and light itself. Inside the vast gallery, four stations offer a close exploration into the physics of light and lasers at a geometry-inspired center stage.

At each station, you’ll see laser demonstrations that illustrate what’s happening, on a physical level, behind the medium. Watch a prism split white light into all the colors of the visible spectrum; and experience how light can be bounced, bent, diffracted or recombined in intriguing ways. Meanwhile, overhead, fractured light reformulates into 3D geometry and sound.

Albert Einstein established the theoretical foundations for the laser decades before they were invented in the 1960s. Today, lasers fuel our imagination, but also have real life military, medical, telecommunications and space travel applications.

The exhibition deconstructs the experience of a traditional laser show— a way to celebrate the praxis of art and science in a contemplative environment to inspire the next generations of scientists and artists.

Did You Know?

Let's Reflect

Lasers on Earth are pointed to retroreflectors planted on the Moon during the Apollo program to measure the distance between the two.

Museum Map

LASERsHOW: Light, Color and Geometry – Level 1

LASERsHOW: Light, Color and Geometry is made possible by the inspired dedication of the following team.

Exhibition Design: Matthew Schreiber

Frost Development Team: Alexandra Kuechenberg and Dr. Jorge Perez-Gallego

Production Team:
Project Manager: Emily Chassee
Wonderland-Agency: Kim Wolf
Installation Rigging: Leo Penizzotto
Systems Integration and Lighting: Kevin Roman

Technical Development:
Content and Fabrication Advisor: Ed Wesly
Script and Science Advisor: Dr. Hebin Li

Craig Hamlin, Deft Union
Michael Dolatowski, Deft Union
Deft Union Team
Matthew Schreiber, Schreiber Studio
Benedicte Nemorin, Schreiber Studio
Ed Wesly
Candice Suave

Sound Design:
Composition: Cody Boyce
Performance: Nathaniel Wolkstein

Laser Production and Programming:
Tom Harman, LaserNet
Horacio Pugliese, LaserNet
David Walker, LaserNet
Josiah Ellis, Schreiber Studio