Architectural Team

Grimshaw Architects

Design architect for the New Museum project at Museum Park

Grimshaw was founded in London in 1980. The practice now operates worldwide with offices in New York, London and Melbourne, employing more than 200 staff.  The practice’s international portfolio is characterized by striking forms, technical innovation and rigorous details. The buildings are designed to have spatial and organizational clarity, to reflect the activities within them and to be versatile enough to respond to changing needs over time.

This level of design excellence has won the practice over 150 awards including the RIBA’s prestigious Lubetkin Prize in 2007, the title of “World Architect of the Year” at the annual Building Design awards in the UK in 2008, and the AIA National Honor Award in 2009, for “Museo del Acero,’ in Monterrey, Mexico.

Grimshaw’s portfolio of completed buildings covers all major sectors and includes work in the UK, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, and Australia.

In 2001 Grimshaw became the first major architectural practice to be certified for the Environmental Management standard ISO 14001.

A major project nearing completion is the Manhattan Transit Authority’s Fulton Center in New York City. Grimshaw, with Arup, was appointed to develop designs for the Center, which will open in June 2014. Organized around a grand civic space at its core and topped by a glass oculus, it will link eight subway lines and handle an average of 275,000 passengers per day.

Rodriguez and Quiroga Architects Chartered

Executive architect for the New Museum project at Museum Park

Rodriguez and Quiroga Architects Chartered was established in 1983 by Raul Rodriguez, AIA and Antonio M. Quiroga, AIA. The South Florida-based firm offers architectural, urban design and interior design services to its clients in the private and public sectors.

Rodriguez and Quiroga is an award winning architectural practice which has received Awards of Excellence in Architecture from the Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects for its work on Miami-Dade College’s Inter-American Center and the Miami-Dade College Medical Center Campus.  It has also received several Awards of Excellence from the Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for a number of projects, including the Broward College Health and Sciences Center and the Dixon Wallace Christian House.

Visual Acuity

Consultant to the New Museum Project, technology

Positioned as an international leading consultancy, Visual Acuity offers long-term strategic consulting, design guidance and operational advice to all clients in all areas of new media. The consultancy comprises a number of designers, advisors, planners, engineers and project managers who specialize in the technical space for industrial and research sector clients as well as providing cutting edge systems and experiences.

Each member of the consultancy has a diverse and unique skills set, focusing on large-scale deployments of new media technologies. Some of the consultancy’s projects include South Africa’s new national Centre of Remembrance and digital historical archive; The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco; and various innovative 3D visualization laboratories in Arizona, Cardiff, London and Manchester.


Consultant to the New Museum project, Living Core concept design and development

Thinc is a leading exhibition design firm serving clients nationally and around the globe, including China, South Africa, and Europe. A diverse group of individuals from the fields of theater, exhibition design, architecture, education, film, graphics and interactive media, we conceive and design projects that generate visitor engagement, social involvement and active participation among people of diverse ages, backgrounds and interests.

Founded by Tom Hennes in 1992 as an extension of a theatrical design practice, the firm currently employs 25 full-time staff, in addition to a battery of consultants and freelance specialists. Thinc has designed projects for museums, aquariums, theme parks, corporations and governments.


Consultant to the New Museum project, Living Core Life Support Systems

Formerly known as Montgomery Watson Harza, MWH is a company with an incredible history that is always looking to the future. A product of three merging engineering firms, one dating back to 1850, MWH fully formed in 2001. The company is known for its innovation and its commitment to mastering emerging technologies to create client-focused results. MWH has engaged in the engineering, construction, financing and management of some of the world’s largest and most technically significant infrastructure projects.

Some of MWH’s projects include the EPCOP Living Seas Pavilion, National Aquarium in Baltimore, Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach, Aquarium of the Atlantic, California Science Center Steinhart Aquarium; Singapore Zoo River Safari as well as the current expansion of the Panama Canal. The company has been repeatedly recognized as one of the top 17 design firms both in the U.S. and internationally.

James Corner Field Operations

Designer for the Museum Plaza; Joint project with Miami Art Museum (MAM)

James Corner Field Operations is a leading-edge landscape architecture and urban design practice based in New York City. Serving an international clientele, the practice is renowned for strong contemporary design across a variety of high-profile project types and scales. Major projects include the design of the High Line, New York City; Fresh Kills Park, Staten Island; the pool deck and gardens of City Center, Las Vegas; Lake Ontario Park, Toronto; Shelby Farms Park, Memphis; The Race Street Pier, Philadelphia; Santa Monica Civic Center Parks, Santa Monica; the San Juan Knowledge Corridor, Puerto Rico; Qianhai Water City, China; and the recently awarded Central Waterfront, Seattle.

The work of James Corner and field operations has been recognized by the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum as the recipient of the 2010 National Design Award, by the New York City Arts Commission Award for Excellence in Design; the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award for Design; the Daimler-Chrysler Award for Design Innovation; the Architectural League of New York Design Award; and other professional design awards and prizes.


Consultant to the New Museum project, landscape architect

ArquitectonicaGeo focuses on environmentally sensitive design and is widely recognized for its ability to create landscape designs of memorable imagery in close harmony with the architecture of the building and its environment. The firm explores the complex challenges of contemporary built and natural environments, developing solutions that balance a modern aesthetic with an environmental practice to create value, identity and a sustainable landscape.

ArquitectonicaGeo’s geo-landscaping philosophy is based on the principle of preserving a locations geographic character – the entire combination of natural and human attributes that make one place distinct from another – an authentic design process that preserves the ecological and cultural environment.


Atelier Ten

Consultant to the New Museum project, LEED management

Atelier Ten is a collaborative, interdisciplinary and innovative firm of environmental design consultants and lighting designers dedicated to sustainability for  the planned and built environment. An international firm, Atelier Ten provides a seamless, integrated service, marked by accessibility, reliability and efficiency at every level.  Founded in 1990 in London by a team of progressive engineers, we have since expanded, with offices in New York, New Haven, Baltimore, San Francisco and Colchester.

We believe passionately in delivering a legacy of positive change. Our broad and worldwide portfolio spans from the tallest LEED Gold Office building in the United States to the world’s largest thermal labyrinth at Federation Square in Australia, to hundreds of award-winning projects and LEED certified buildings. Our methodologies combine qualitative and quantitative thinking: we deliver design solutions based on the cornerstones of sustainability, environmental integrity, economic viability and social wellbeing.

Lord Cultural Resources

Consultant to the New Museum project, museum planning

Founded in 1981 in response to an emerging need for specialized planning services in the museum, cultural and heritage sector, Lord Cultural Resources is now the world’s largest cultural professional practice. With the successful completion of more than 1,700 projects in 45 countries on 6 continents, the firm has earned an international reputation for sector leadership, innovation and excellence.

ORCA Consulting LLC

Consultant to the New Museum project, visitor flow and circulation

ORCA is a consulting company that focuses on identifying issues and developing cost-effective solutions to ensure a comfortable and positive experience for visitors. With over 100 combined years of Disney experience, the ORCA team’s ability to balance maximum visitor capacity with infrastructure as well as ensure overall visitor comfort and convenience is unparalleled.

The company has built its reputation using the concept of “Guestology”- a science combining quantitative analytical techniques with qualitative operational assessments to ensure visitor satisfaction and profitability. Since 1993 ORCA has provided quantitative and qualitative services to museums and science centers, aquariums, national parks, recreation areas, and historical sites, zoos and botanical gardens, theme parks and expositions, visitor centers and tours, and entertainment, sports and shopping venues.

Details about the company’s projects, including the Statue of Liberty National Monument; Sponsor Pavilion for the Beijing Olympics; and Freedom Park in South Africa can be found on the company’s web site at

Randi Korn & Associates, Inc.

Consultant to the New Museum project, exhibit evaluation

Randi Korn & Associates, Inc. is a well known full-service museum planning and research firm based in Alexandria, Virgina. The founding director, Randi Korn, has more than twenty years of experience working with all types of institutions in areas of art, history, science, technology and children’s museums. The firm provides museums with impact-driven planning, program and exhibition evaluation, and audience research.

All staff of Randi Korn & Associates, Inc. demonstrate their commitment to museums by sharing their specialized knowledge and expertise with museum professionals and the community at large. Former clients of the firm include: The Burke Museum in Seattle, WA; The Guggenheim Museum in New York, NY; and the National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution.

Lyons/Zaremba Inc.

Exhibit Habitat Designer for the New Museum Project at Museum Park

Lyons/Zaremba Inc. is an internationally recognized design firm specializing in the planning and design of exhibits for museums, visitor centers, nature centers, aquariums, and zoos.

As exhibit designers, our goal is to create exciting, unique and memorable experiences that encourage visitors to explore, discover and learn about the world around them. Working with a broad range of exhibit techniques, we strive to deliver fresh, attractive stories and experiences that will surprise each visitor and awaken his or her sense of self-discovery.  We achieve this by varying the scale of exhibits; creating multiple levels of learning; presenting multicultural points of view; and balancing cognitive and affective experiences. The result is the creation of exhibits that are accessible, enjoyable, and meaningful for an audience of diverse ages, learning styles, and cultural backgrounds.