Strengthening South Florida’s Economy

New ideas, new technology and the application of new business models will play critical roles in advancing South Florida’s future. As the region’s premier multi-purpose science and technology institution, MiaSci will support the innovation-oriented creative industries of the 21st century. As a “next generation” science museum, MiaSci will also create vital new linkages between the South Florida region and the global education, science, tourism and business communities.

Here are eight reasons MiaSci will make a major difference to Miami’s future:

1. MiaSci will enhance Miami’s sense of place. Miami is a unique bridge between hemispheres and a gateway to cultures and experiences around the world. By presenting fundamental scientific concepts from the unique perspective of Miami’s cultures, MiaSci will engage, intrigue, and excite its members and guests.


2. MiaSci will showcase South Florida’s ecological diversity. MiaSci will support the region’s ecological diversity and suggest ways to help preserve Florida’s natural splendor. Close observation and contact with live animals is a compelling educational experience that cannot be duplicated through any other means. No book or TV show can match the experience of touching the smooth scales of a snake, the rough skin of a lizard or the hair of a spider. No video can duplicate the awe-inspiring moment when a child makes his first eye contact with a bird of prey and feel the breeze emitted by the power of one flap of its wings. This learning experience creates a memory that will last a lifetime. A live encounter deepens the desire to understand our world, and inspires us to improve the environment we share with these ambassadors.

3. MiaSci will focus attention on sustainable living. Minimizing the use of energy and water and the creation of waste are central to sustainable living in South Florida. The entire facility will be designed through the integration of architectural and engineering systems to create a building that is sustainable and meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria from the U.S. Green Building Council.

4. MiaSci will support multiculturalism. As a marketplace for ideas, MiaSci will allow people of different backgrounds to meet and exchange views and knowledge. MiaSci will also demonstrate its commitment to multiculturalism through exhibit information, and through the customer service staff.

5. MiaSci will integrate global communities. A core part of the MiaSci experience will be the integration of worldwide professional communities, such as museum educators, academic researchers, and technology-oriented businesses as well as students at all grade levels.

teach the teachers

6. MiaSci will teach the teachers. MiaSci will offer teachers and other education professionals an opportunity to explore their understanding of hands-on science and inquiry-based learning approaches.

7. MiaSci will open doors to new careers. MiaSci will include an area devoted to science and technology careers that are central to South Florida’s economy with activities that are appropriate for ages from pre-K to senior citizens.

8. MiaSci will be a meeting place for people as well as ideas. MiaSci will offer far more than static displays and interactive exhibits – it will be a unique and stimulating meeting place for business, cultural and social gatherings.