Construction: Method in Madness

Posted on September 21st, 2012

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By: MiaSci

Construction is continuing at the site for the new Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science. Even though much of it is underground at this stage, amazing things are happening. So, for those of us who look at construction sites and see what looks like madness, here is your first lesson in the method behind it. In the image below, the foundation of the new museum building is being laid. Plywood and lumber temporarily covers concrete grade beams and pile caps, and the vertical clusters of sticks surround steel reinforcing rods called rebar. You can see the orange safety caps on top of the shorter rebars. Since firm footing is not always guaranteed on a construction site, and falling is always a risk, these orange safety caps can protect workers should they slip or trip.

Pipeline excavation for the construction site is several feet below the water table, which is why you see the water present here, along with two seawater pipelines. These pipelines are made of HDPE plastic (high-density poly-ethylene), which is a super durable and flexible material. And no worries about seams in the installation, because the HDPE plastic already comes in 450ft long rolls.

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